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February 2023
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Accounting Services for Year Ends

Year Ends / Accounting Services
Accounting help for small to large businesses

At M.P. Accounting Service, we will work with you whether you are a proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. We begin by reviewing your accounting records and preparing a working paper file for you to ensure that your Financial Statements accurately reflect the results of your business operations.

Upon completion of your working paper file, we will prepare your Financial Statements and Income Tax return.

We will assist you in Tax Planning for both your corporation and individually to ensure that your enterprise as a whole pays the least amount of taxes required.

M.P. Accounting Service can also assist with Cash Forecasting and Budgeting to help your business be more organized, and more successful!

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Key to success

Year End / Accounting services offered:

  • Annual Bookkeeping
  • Review of Bookkeeping work performed by client or other bookkeeper
  • Financial Statement preparation including a full working paper file to provide a detailed analysis of each account
  • Corporate T2 Income Tax preparation
  • including pre- and post-assessments by the CRA as well as Audit Assistance
  • T2124 business schedules on your T1 Personal Income Tax return for unincorporated businesses
  • Assistance with Audits for Income Tax, GST, PST and Payroll taxes
  • Tax Planning for corporations and individuals
  • Management Remuneration Planning
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Business start-up planning including decisions on whether to incorporate, operate as a partnership or as a sole proprietor

“I received your flyer in the mail just about the same time I had made a decision that I needed some assistance with some of my bookkeeping. On our appointment date, you listened to my concerns and within minutes you had solved most of my accounting issues. I was most appreciative of your efficiency and getting to the heart of the problem. You have continued this service and I couldn’t help but notice your love for bookkeeping/accounting. I look forward to your continued good service.” 

Petra Flemming,
C.H.F. Contracting Limited